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Certification Training Beginning Soon!

AAP & APRP Certification Training Programs offered through PaymentsFirst are about to begin. 

If you are interested in learning more about our AAP Certification Training Programs, we have customized multiple options for you to consider. Every individual learns in a different way, we have information with ongoing webinar and networking support to our very own self study program. Each have been well designed to help you succeed at your own pace. 

The APRP Certification has over 300 current accredited individuals and are looking for others to join this select group of payment experts. The APRP certification provides you with a specialty in risk and compliance for ACH, card, wire, checks and emerging payments. 

For our members only, we are offering a complimentary opportunity for you to learn more about becoming an AAP on March 5th and information on becoming an APRP on March 4th. Please click on the highlighted dates to navigate to the respective complimentary registration pages. Be sure to log into the website with your unique user id and password prior to registering for the complimentary webinar. 

Our certification programs offer valuable education, provided from highly respected certified instructors. Don't miss a great opportunity to learn more and advance your career to new levels!  We are here to help you succeed!

AAP Review In Person Class Below 13.2 Credits Available

This workshop is a review for AAP, designed to provide the materials to assist individuals wiht the key elements needed to obtain your AAP. This session will refresh and assess your proficiency in ACH and assist others taking the class as they prepare to take the exam.  

Topics covered will include:

  • ACH Rules and Guidelines
  • Overview of General Payments
  • Operational Processes
  • Regulations  (including UCC4A, OCC 235, OFAC and Regulations E and D)
  • ACH Risk Management
  • ACH Marketing
  • ACH File Formatting

Need AAP Credits?  This session is great for accredited AAPs to refresh skills and earn continuing education credits. 

AAP/APRP Credits : 13.2

April 7th & 8th Columbia, SC

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April 14th & 15th Nashville, TN

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April 21st & 22nd Birmingham, AL

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April 28th & 29th Atlanta, GA

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