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We are standing by for our Membership to provide this complimentary service! All payment related questions welcome. Our experts can answer questions regarding Rules, regulations, compliance, risk, strategy,  fraud, operations and more. We are your resource for ACH, check, card, wire and emerging payments.

Quick Reference Resources

See below for compliance and operations guides and sample forms. If you do not see a document you need, please let us know so we can accommodate your needs.

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Legal Aid at Your Fingertips

PaymentsFirst's Banking Law Information Service provides a valuable resource to PaymentsFirst members with regard to payments laws and regulations. Scott Jones, a Partner in the law firm of Adams and Reese LLP and counsel to PaymentsFirst, is now available to answer basic payments-related questions FREE OF CHARGE, and without establishing an attorney-client relationship.

Frequent topics include:

  • ACH Operating Rules
  • Wire Transfers
  • Check Products
  • Federal Regulations
  • Uniform Commercial Code
  • OFAC Regulations
  • Bank Secrecy Act
  • ECCHO Rules

Naturally, there is a limit to the services Scott can offer for free. Complex questions, in-depth issues requiring research, legal interpretation, and other forms of legal representation may require engagement of Paul and his firm. In these instances, PaymentsFirst  has arranged a discount rate, subject to review, conflict of interest check, and mutual agreement on engagement terms. Remember, until a formal letter of engagement has been agreed upon, Scott and/or Adams and Reece LLP IS NOT YOUR LEGAL COUNSEL. As such, please do not share any privileged or otherwise confidential information.

Whether you have a question today or anticipate questions in the future, you can take advantage of this valuable member service by clicking the button below.

"Just wanted to let you know what a great service this is for our members.  I signed up today and got a call from Adams and Reese

within ten minutes.  He was most helpful and it was free.  I’m really impressed." Jerry Keenan, PCSi

Nacha Operating Rules and Guidelines

Rulemaking Process
Rules proposals are categorized as follows: (A) Major impact to Network; (B) Moderate impact to Network; and (C) Minor impact to Network. Depending on the category of the rule, the issue is considered using one of three specific processes.

Rule making process is: 1) Submission 2) Rules & Operations Committee Review 3) Request for Comment 4) Ballot 5) Supplement (as needed).

Rules Supplements are provided on this page as they are published throughout the year. We will also provide updates to proposals and ballots. Payments First Members have a voice in the rule making process!

Rules Bulletins are provided on this page as they are published.  Bulletins are may or may not be rules related.  They may include sample documents, fee updates and effective entry extensions.

Same Day ACH Resources

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