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Why PaymentsFirst?

PaymentsFirst is a trusted resource for navigating the fast-paced world of electronic payments. The rapidly changing landscape within the payment industry has brought numerous opportunities and challenges. PaymentsFirst is committed to helping member organizations thrive in this environment by providing up-to-date information, trends, and tools. The primary goal is to empower organizations to make informed decisions to ensure their success.  At PaymentsFirst, our members' satisfaction is our foremost priority. We are committed to providing our members with a wealth of resources in the electronic payments field, including support, networking opportunities, industry advocacy, and valuable industry insights.

Board of Directors

David Peterson

David Peterson,

First National Banker's Bank

Scott Woods

Scott Woods, CPA,CIA,MBA

South Carolina Federal Credit Union

Glen Cross


Wilson Bank & Trust

Dawn Brummett

Dawn Brummett


Mark Altman

Mark Altman

Palmetto State Bank

Pam Davis

Pam Davis

Delta Community Credit Union

Olivia Maciel

Olivia Maciel, AAP, APRP

Regions Bank

Paul Ragland


Millennium Bank

Jerry Siegel


Auburn Bank

Toni Davisson

Toni Davisson, CPA, CFE

Spero Financial FCU

Gloryana Nelson


Wells Fargo

Chris Noe


Truist Bank


Rich Leary

Rich Leary

President/Chief Executive Officer

Chad Frank

Chad Frank, AAP, APRP, CCBIA

EVP Risk & Compliance

Jennifer Stadler

Jennifer Stadler, CPP, CCE

EVP Education, Operations, Marketing, and Support

Tim Dycus

Tim Dycus, AAP, APRP

VP Risk & Compliance Special Services

Mandy Herman

Mandy Herman, AAP, NCP

VP Operations & Member Support

Meredith Stubblefield

Meredith Stubblefield, AAP, APRP, NCP

VP Risk & Compliance Operations

Allen Young

Allen Young, AAP

VP Education Services

Kelly Austin

Kelly Austin, AAP, APRP

Director Risk & Compliance

Joy Babcock

Joy Babcock

Director Education

Jeanne Bishop

Jeanne Bishop, AAP, APRP

Director Risk & Compliance

Kelly Boswell

Kelly Boswell

Director Risk & Compliance

Joe Hamel, AAP

Joe Hamel, AAP, APRP

Director Risk & Compliance

Allen Michael

Allen Michael

Director Marketing Strategy & Communications

Kaila Petty

Kaila Petty, AAP, APRP

Director Risk & Compliance

Doug Rozan

Doug Rozan, AAP

Director Risk & Compliance

Kelly Thomason

Kelly Thomason, AAP, APRP, CTP

Director Risk & Compliance

Randy Traynham

Randy Traynham, AAP, CTP, NCP

Director Education

Jeanette Waye

Jeanette Waye, AAP, APRP

Director Risk & Compliance

Shannon Wilkins

Shannon Wilkins

Director Operations & Member Support

Non-Discrimination Statement

It is the policy of PaymentsFirst not to discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, citizenship status, age, sex, marital status, family/parental status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, disability or veteran/military status, income derived from public assistance or political beliefs.

PaymentsFirst employees are fully committed to act in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws regarding Non-Discrimination. Non-Discrimination will be practiced in every program, service, or activity provided by PaymentsFirst.

Any alleged violations of this policy or identified concerns should be directed to the HR Manager (1.866.993.3753).

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